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Quality Crates & Pallets Made In The USA

Custom Crates made in USA
Carpenter at Crating International


Who We Are

Our clients and customers are important to us. We provide quality products and guarantee your products arrival. With over 45+ years of experience, we provide quality wood shipping containers and pallets. We build ISPM#15 container crates that can be used for International or Domestic use. We utilize computer assisted design capabilities.


Formerly known as New Mexico Products Inc.

Our Services Include:

  • Custom Quality Pallets & Crates

  • Mil-Spec Packaging

  • Export Certification Stamp ISPM#15

  • Machinery Packing & Moving

  • Shrink Wrap

  • On-Site Load & Close

  • Military & Industrial Specifications


What Our Customers Say

High Quality Axes for Maximum Performance



High Quality Crates & Pallets For Government & Military

crating international partner
crating international supplier
crating international partner
crating int llc partner

"I have worked with Crating International for over 2 years and found the company to be very responsive and professional in all my requests. They have shipped both domestically and internationally using pest free products certified under the guidelines set forth by ISPM15. Crating International can build to your specifications, samples or both, either in their plant or on site."

- Kenneth Paulk

"We have been doing business with Crating International, LLC for many years. They are prompt, thorough and very professional. I highly recommend to anyone requiring any type of packaging or a custom crate/pallet to contact Crating International."

- Sam D.

"After placing some orders with Crating International I wanted to submit a review of there service and product. First, the service that they provide is fantastic. They are attentive and listen to your needs for the items that need to be shipped. Second, the product that they provide is exceptional and is done very timely. The crates ordered had were precisely what we needed and had exact measurements and were were as solid as they come. We could not be more happy with these crates and we will be ordering again. Thank your for your product, your time, and these great crates."

- Lieutenant Montgomery, US Navy


Let us help quote your project before presenting to your client!

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